A Captain Unafraid

'A Captain Unafraid' is a documentary film that charts the life and times of 'Dynamite' Johnny O' Brien. From New York to Cavan, and Colombia to Cuba, we follow his blazing trail. In many ways Johnny was a rebel without a cause, that is, until he found his cause in Cuba. As well as speaking to historians, maritime experts and locals in New York and Cuba, the film also contains animated segments which resurrect some of the more memorable of Johnny's voyages. Though he courted trouble and fortune on many's the foreign shore, Captain O' Brien was born on Manhattan's Lower East Side in 1837, and died there 80 years later, in 1917. The film was shot in the U.S. Cuba and Ireland in 2014/15.

The Captain in Havana 

The world premiere of A Captain Unafraid will be in Cuba this June, in time for the 100th anniversary of the death of Dynamite John. Our film will be playing at an E.U. run film festival in Havana. To celebrate here is a music video I put together which includes graphic motion segments and extra footage from the film.


St. Peter's Church (screening and wrap party) 

We had a private screening of the film and wrap party in Cork City on friday. The screening took place on North Main St. in a beautiful old deconsecrated church called "St. Peter's." The wrap party was in gulpd café (which is attached to the Triskel Arts Centre).  A mighty night/evening was had by all. Seventy people attended, most of whom were connected to "A Captain Unafraid" through the support they had given, monetary and otherwise, over the last 3 years.

The Captain in Kolkata 

The first acceptance for "the Captain's" maiden voyage on the film festival circuit comes from India and the "Kolkata (Calcutta) International Cult Film Festival." We got an official selection! There is a monthly selection process (the Captain won the documentary category this month) leading to a live screening festival next september in "The City Of Light." The winners of each category (each month) will compete in the middle of next year for a place in the live screening.

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