A Shorter Cut, Digital and Foreign Shores

A Captain Unafraid was shown at various community screening and events in Ireland throughout summer 2018-the Scully Fest. in Newmarket, Cork, @ the Carnegie Arts Centre in Kenmare, the Black Sheep Hostel in Killarney, and in more far flung shores…


The Captain in Havana

The world premiere of A Captain Unafraid will be in Cuba this June, in time for the 100th anniversary of the death of Dynamite John. Our film will be playing at an E.U. run film festival in Havana. To celebrate…

St. Peter's Church (screening and wrap party)

We had a private screening of the film and wrap party in Cork City on friday. The screening took place on North Main St. in a beautiful old deconsecrated church called "St. Peter's." The wrap party was in gulpd café…

Film Soundtrack 

Myself and William Kemp created the soundtrack to A Captain Unafraid, it has just been released and is available on Cd and digital download. Click on the image below to check out the album, éistigí, bain sult! -