'The Strange Adventures Of Dynamite JOHNNY O BRIEN'

'Dynamite' Johnny O' Brien Johnny was born in 1837 in Manhattan, New York, though his parents hailed from Cavan and Longford, Ireland. Involved in revolution and ruction from Haiti to Colombia, and Texas to Mexico, in many ways Johnny was a rebel without a cause, that is, until he found his cause in the 19th century Cuban War of Independence. As well as speaking to locals in New York and Cuba, experts in the field of U.S./Cuban relations, such as, Louis Perez, are also interviewed. Johnny's story is a forgotten one, the few historians and writers who have actually written about Johnny such as, Marian Betancourt and José Quintana also feature. The film is as much a character study as a historical documentary and uses various tools (such as exploring the emotion of fear with our interviewees) to find out what really made "dynamite" Johnny tick. The documentary begins on the Misty East River of New York (where Johnny learned his trade) then moves swiftly to Ireland. County Cavan (with visions of some of the 365 lakes of that land-locked, lake-dappled countryside) is our next port of call. “Being of Irish parentage I was favourably disposed towards dynamite on general principle,” Johnny once exclaimed. 

Shot in the U.S., Cuba and Ireland, A Captain Unafraid follows the 'strange adventures' of Dynamite Johnny. Johnny's ghost written autobiography ('A Captain Unafraid,' The Strange Adventures of Dynamite Johnny O' Brien) is used as a skeleton to hang the rest of the film on. Johnny's adventures are brought to life through animated segments, illuminating some of the more memorable of the wily mariner's escapades. The New York portion of the documentary was filmed in locations such as Pelham Bay, where Johnny's gravestone lies, and the site of Hotel America in Manhattan, where Johnny spent his last days. Wynn Handman of the American Place Theatre is voice actor for Johnny. Quotes from A Captain Unafraid form the narration for the illustrated sequences of the film. The Cuban portion of the filming was filmed in conjunction with the Union of Artists and Writers of Cuba.



Un Capitán Sin Miedo narra la historia del Capitán Johnny “Dinamita” O’ Brien. Nacido en el “Lower East Side” de Manhattan en 1837 en el seno de una familia Irlandesa. Grabada entre EEUU, Cuba e Irlanda, la película sigue las vivencias de Johnny Dinamita. El libro autobiográfico “Un Capitán Sin Miedo, Las Extrañas Aventuras de Johnny Dinamita O’ Brien” además de dar nombre a la película funciona como guía y esqueleto de este largometraje. El astuto marinero participó en diferentes revoluciones desde Haití a Colombia, y desde Texas a Cuba. En muchos sentidos Johnny era el rebelde sin causa por excelencia, hasta que encontró su causa en la guerra independencia Cubana. “Un Capitán Sin Miedo” además de trazar la vida del Capitán O 'Brien cuenta la historia de la Guerra Necesaria siguiendo el proceso de la revolución a través de los ojos de Johnny Dinamita. La película (filmada conjuntamente con la UNEAC) es tanto un análisis del personaje como un documental histórico que trata de explorar la emoción del miedo a través de sus entrevistados.